Crash equals big costs! That is why it is important for WM to be able to provide the best service, we make all kinds of repairs with high professionalism and take pride in the fact that the task is finished before we leave the customer!

Tired of crashes that could have been avoided? Then sign a “WM Agreement”. With a WM Agreement, you ensure that you have a full overview of what condition your machine park is in. We perform a complete inspection of the machine, prepare a report and an offer for any. missing. A WM Agreement provides, in addition to an overview, a saving on spare parts and service prices.


In collaboration with several players in the industry, we are looking for moving and setting up machines, bar chargers and robots. We are responsible for all or parts of tasks that are performed in connection with moving from one location to another, otherwise simply relocating existing machinery.

We specialize in setting up bar chargers and do a very careful job of keeping your machines in top shape!


Shall we help with your next project? At WM, we offer everything from the sale of individual machines all the way up to Turnkey solutions with or without a robot. We work with parties in areas such as tools, programming, optimization and peripheral components. In close dialogue with the customer, we find all the components needed to streamline your production. When your new machine is in operation, we offer all newly purchased machines optimization free of charge.


JR Tool
AVS Danmark 


At How WM, we take pride in the fact that the work must be 110%, therefore we place great emphasis on only original spare parts and parts from carefully selected partners in DK.

Day-to-day delivery ensure that we have your machine in operation again within a few days and you do not have to incur large costs when the accident occurs. With a WM Agreement, you also ensure a saving on spare parts.


We live by satisfied customers and know that every start-up comes with challenges, therefore we do not leave a customer until 100% satisfaction is present!

We are always ready to help with after sales related issues and no questions are wrong. I As a company must know that we are there for you in all issues when it comes to support!