SL 110 V

Short loader for the processing of round and profile materials up to 110 mm bar diameter

The FMB SL 110 V is a short bar loader that has been designed for the flexible processing of round material and a wide range of different profile materials in bar length 1,600 mm. The maximum material bar length always depends on the spindle length of the lathe. The material bar is fed to the main spindle from the short loader by the feed system.

During processing the material bar does not come into contact with the loading magazine. In order to ensure optimum vibration-free guidance of the bar, it is necessary to insert spindle liners to match the diameter.

The SL 110 V has an impressive modern design and many innovative detailed solutions in order to offer the optimum solution for a wide range of different requirements related to bar section feed. It has a modular design, with differences including the pusher bar lengths available and the supply options for material bars.

Area of application:

Single-spindle lathes up to approx. 110 mm nominal throughput, on which bar material cut to the length of the spindle is machined.


Loading systems:

In order to adapt the short bar loader to the different general production conditions, the SL 110 V has a modular design, which means there is a choice as follows between various options when ordering the loading magazine in particular for material storage:

The storage system Ramp represents the classic short loader design and comprises a material storage 560 mm in length with angle adjustment for maximum flexibility.

With the storage system “Cycle belt” the “ramp” is replaced by a chain conveyor with mounted carriers for the material bars. This type of storage for the material bars is especially designed for the precisely positioned feeding of customer-specific profile material which cannot be guided safely via the “ramp” due to its contour.

As an alternative to the long material storage with the “Ramp” system, the storage system Single bar feed is also available with a very short material storage as the most compact SL 110 V design. This is intended for applications where only very small series are produced with frequently changing material diameters or profile shapes.

The storage system Lift” was developed for the ergonomic loading of the SL 110 V, particularly when bar material with a diameter greater than 50 mm is often processed. Here, the material bars are set down on a ramp at a height of approx. 500 to 700 mm independently of the centre axis height of the lathe, from where a lift system automatically feeds the material bar to the upper material storage.

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Bar diameter
10 - 110
Loading capacity
Remnant piece length (max)
Loading time (approx.)
Feed speed
Return speed
Power requirement
Compressed air connection